OWM Reactivation and Gap Analysis for Pipelaying Barge

OWM Reactivation and Gap Analysis for Pipelaying Barge


We supported our client in dry dock to assess their current and future risk, before mobilising to the Middle East on a long term assignment.

Success Factors

Mobilisation to Norway within 48 hrs

No operational, financial or technical delays

Full upmanning ahead of schedule

Compliant water management system

Forward plan for maintenance and next dry dock


Potable water storage tanks were inspected, cleaned and super chlorination.

Accommodation system reactivation, chemical flushing, and super chlorination

Accommodation pipework system repairs and disinfection

Chemical cleaning and super chlorination: hydrophores, calorifiers, filtration and UV units

Bunker system chemical clean and disinfection (pipework and hoses)

Component chemical clean and disinfection: transfer pumps, strainers, filter/ vent screens

Component servicing: UV units, dosing units (pot water treatment and corrosion reduction)

Technical Industrial water system tank cleaning and disinfection

We appreciate the support your team have provided for this work scope including some additional issues in the accommodation. They have been a pleasure to have on board working safely for us.

Our Recommendations

As the vessel would be working in a warm environment, the inherent risk is higher due to the increased chance of bacterial growth associated with the ambient temperature.

It was imperative that there was an ongoing potable water monitoring regime and corrective action plan, to ensure the pot water system is compliant and the risk is as low as reasonably practical.

Our highly specialist services include consultancy, compliance, products, training, advice and support to the Energy and Marine sectors, all of which uniquely positions OWM to conduct both the Gap analysis and undertake the remedial works

Immediate Actions

On Location

Next Dry Dock

Complete pot water management risk assessment

Deliver pot water management training to marine, engineering and medical teams

Designated/Competent crew to have access to an on board pot water monitoring kit

On board Monitoring Test Kill will reduce reliance on onshore test facilities

Maintain stock of dosing chemicals and certified spares list for water systems

Include carbon filtration in accommodation water cooler

Install new drinks stations with coolers

Reduce filter size on current filtration package to improve efficiency