Not just Microbial Control

Not just Microbial Control

Potable water management is often associated with microbial control, however there are a number of additional areas that need to be considered to ensure your offshore potable water system is fit for purpose.

This includes, but is not restricted to, the following: correct design, choice of materials and suppliers, proper planning for testing and monitoring regimes, appropriate technical support and training.

The best practice is to consider the whole potable water network, from production and supply to storage and final consumption. Delivering more than just microbial control, our expert services capture these aspects in a unique service offering designed specifically for the offshore and marine environment.

Common problems we will help you avoid:

  • Risk from service equipment attached to the potable water
  • Diesel in potable water
  • Incorrect design of systems
  • Misinterpretation of laboratory results
  • Potable water shortage
  • Ineffective tank clean
  • No potable water technical support in shipyard
  • Risk of Legionella bacteria
  • Contamination due to poor bunkering control
  • Incorrect pipework installed
  • Misunderstanding of chartering liabilities
  • Mismanagement of water certification

By addressing these problems, we help you avoid:

  • Loss or impact to site welfare requirements
  • Loss of contract
  • Down-manning
  • Interruption to operations
  • Reputation impact
  • Impact on share price
  • Loss of market confidence

By offering a service including consultancy, operations design, training and delivery, we will lower the risk to worker welfare and make sure that potable water should never have a negative impact on your operations.

We have the following services that will identify and remove water management challenges and risk from our customers giving them complete confidence in their operations:

  • Professional Technical Support
  • Water System Audits
  • Certified Training (tailored specifically to the Marine and Offshore Industries)
  • Dosage and Control Equipment
  • System Pipework Replacement and Refurbishment
  • Field Testing Kits
  • Management Control Procedures and Protocol
  • Record Keeping and Reporting Software Systems
  • Legionella Risk Assessments
  • Accredited Laboratory Chemical, Physical and Microbiological Testing
  • Consultancy