OWM secures 2-year framework agreement with Well-Safe Solutions

OWM secures 2-year framework agreement with Well-Safe Solutions

OWM, the global authority on potable water systems in remote and harsh environments has been awarded a 2-year framework to provide Potable Water Management, Products and Services.

OWM has supported Well-Safe Solutions assets since 2019, including the installation and commission of best-in-class Reverse Osmosis packages, risk assessments, bespoke laboratory analysis and technical support.

Well-Safe Solutions are well plug and abandonment decommissioning specialists and are the first UK company with its own assets to provide a Tier 1 service exclusively focused on decommissioning. The company’s rig fleet includes the Well-Safe Guardian semi-submersible and the Well-Safe Protector, with the Well-Safe Defender joining the business in June 2022.

Neill Crone, General Manager at OWM Group, said:

We value the confidence that Well-Safe continue to place in the team here at OWM to deliver excellence. Well-Safe are genuinely committed to improving standards and we’re delighted to see the growth and success they are enjoying

Neil Ferguson, Operations Director at Well-Safe, said:

“The support of OWM has played a considerable role in ensuring we continue to deliver operational excellence across our assets. Their commitment to market-leading technologies, as well as their team of knowledgeable technicians, has made OWM the right choice for this agreement.

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OWM (Offshore Water Management Ltd) is a specialist technical consultancy, that have been delivering for over 10 years a complete range of solutions, products and services for the provision of safe drinking water to the offshore and marine industry globally. OWM’s commitment to the industry is that all those who work with us will have their standards raised to ensure that all offshore and maritime personnel are drinking safe and high-quality water and to ensure low risk, efficient, effective and optimised drinking water systems. Our holistic approach means OWM are uniquely placed to support and manage all aspects of water systems throughout the chain of custody; supply, storage, treatment and end use regardless of complexity and location.


Founded in 2017, Well-Safe Solutions provides the complete well decommissioning plug and abandonment (P&A) capability for the global energy industry.

With over 200 employees on and offshore, Well-Safe Solutions operates from international headquarters in Aberdeen, UK. Its decommissioning specialists support clients from front-end engineering and design, to project execution and the retention and reintroduction of lessons learned.

Well-Safe’s ground-breaking ‘P&A Club’ approach to decommissioning pairs a wealth of oil and gas experience and knowhow with significant investment in bespoke, fit-for-purpose marine and land-based assets.

Well-Safe Solutions is the first-of-its-kind Tier 1 company with dedicated P&A-prepared rigs. The Well-Safe Guardian semi-submersible rig is one of two assets owned and operated by the organisation, featuring a smart well intervention system and dive spread capabilities. The other, the Well-Safe Protector, is a heavy-duty jack-up rig which has compelling advantages for supporting platform well decommissioning, including tactical advantages in preparation for platform removal.

With 1,782 wells requiring to be decommissioned in the North Sea over the next decade, Well-Safe Solutions enables operators to meet the needs and regulatory imperatives around effective and efficient P&A operations.